Meet the staff


Mrs. Eugenie Paul Moonie


Kindergarten :

Miss Bede Prophet
Miss Joanna Daniel


Grade One

Mrs. Germaine St Helen

Mrs.. Therese Sadoo Elwin


Grade Two

Mrs. Francillia Maxwell

Mrs. Patricia Richard


Grade Three

Mr. Cuthbert Ramontal


Grade Four

Miss Jennifer Taylor

Mrs. Berthia Laurent


Grade Five

Miss Michelle Eugene

Miss Zephirina Frederick


Grade Six

Miss Rocha Tobierre

Mr. Toryn Lenlie



Mr. Tony Wilkinson


Physical Education

Mr. Kim Gaston


Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Augusta Gabriel


Office Assistant-

Miss Leonetta Ettiene

IT Assistant-

Mrs. Andrena Holder

Ancillary Staff

  1. Cook-

Miss Catherine Gabriel

Miss Celina Octave


  1. Janitor-

Miss Ketra Celise


  1. Care Taker-

Mr. Auguste Augustin


  1. Security Guard-

Mr. Terrance Alexander

Mr. Webbs Joseph

Mr. Gustave Chalery

Mr. Simon Celise

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